• The Famous Las Vegas Sign

    The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign is A Las Vegas Landmark Funded in May 1959 And erected Soon after by Western Neon. The sign was Designed by Betty Willis At the request of Ted Rogich, A local Salesman, Who Sold it to Clark County, Nevada.

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  • Graffiti Car

    Pictures captured with a 24.3 Megapixel Nikon D5500

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  • Artful Tree in Los Angeles, CA

    GRADD 3D Model of Artful Tree in LA

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  • The Trentham Laver British Museum, London UK

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  • Beautifully painted building in Los Angeles, CA

    GRADD 3D Model of an artful building in the Los Angeles Area.

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  • Paris Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

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  • Triple Statue Model Los Angeles

    GRADD 3D Model from Eye on LA - Statues

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  • John Deere Alamo, Nevada

    GRADD 3D Model of John Deere Tractor.

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  • Fred the Bulldozer

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  • Statue by Niagara on the Lake

    GRADD 3D model of statue at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada

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  • Snoopy the Fire Hydrant

    This is fire hydrant that is in front of our hangar

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  • Excalibur Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV

    GRADD 3D Model - Excalibur Hotel and Casino, located at 3850 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

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  • Peace Bell - Japanese Garden Montreal, Canada

    The Japanese Garden was created in 1988 under the direction of designer Ken Nakajima. Its 2.5 hectares are populated with Japanese plants, and it contains a building in the Japanese style containing an exhibit on tea. The Japanese tea ceremony is performed there during the summer, and anyone can take classes to learn more about it. Other traditional Japanese arts, such as Iaido and Ikebana are occasionally demonstrated there as well. It also includes a large koi pond; visitors often feed the koi. The garden hosts an annual Hiroshima memorial ceremony on the 5th of August, with the hourly ringing of a Japanese Peace Bell made in Hiroshima.

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  • Cape Canaveral Exploration Tower Port Canaveral, Florida

    Located along the East Coast of Florida in Port Canaveral, Exploration Tower is a stunning architectural landmark providing visitors both fun and education. With seven floors of exhibits and interactive play, Exploration Tower includes something for everyone. Visitors will have access to our indoor and outdoor observation decks, nearly 5,550 feet of exhibit space, an auditorium, a café, a gift shop and much more. We also offer unique space and amenities for corporate or special events. We are committed to providing an experience that you and your family will remember forever!

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  • 20 Acre Parcel - Pahrump, NV

    This 3D model was made by capturing aerial images, and then using photogrammetry to create the orthophoto and 3D point cloud.

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  • Mirage Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV

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  • Thermal Inspection of Laughlin, Nevada

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  • Believe Sculpture from Burning Man Reno, Nevada

    The BELIEVE Sculpture was at the 2013 #BurningMan. It is now permanently placed in downtown Reno, Nevada. The GRADD Team provided all the youth #STEM Education acitivities at the 2017 #RenoAirRaces, and took an afternoon to tour the beautiful downtown Reno.

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  • Inspection of Nelson, Nevada

    3D Model of Nelson, Nevada

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  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction Henderson, NV

    We created this 3D model to demonstrate how a traffic accident scene can be digitally preserved, studied, and analyzed. We use laser measrements in the field to scale our 2D and 3D models.

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  • Sage Canyon Park

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  • Toy Car Traffic Accident Reconstruction

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  • Flight around GRADD Las Vegas, NV

    Drone fliight of the GRADD office and the surrounding area.

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